SafeDrive Mobile Coaching

SafeDrive nano-learning will train your mind to become a safer and more economical driver. Nano-learning is available to you whenever you want, except while driving. Order a free demo. Watch our self-explanatory demo video.

SafeDrive nano-learning includes multiple-choice quizzes, videos and concrete driving tasks. The service is quick and easy to use. During the training you don’t need to log in to the service. You will receive a message which has a unique link that will identify you. You can do the training whenever, and where ever you want, but not while driving.

Nano-learning works as a separate entity or it can be coupled to the driving and theory training courses. Users’ activity and responses will be reported and logged. The content of SafeDrive can also be tailored to suit your company or products, look and feel.

Excelsior Road Safety and  More Mobile Relations have implemented the SafeDrive Mobile Coaching with an insurance company LocalTapiola. Would you like to hear more about SafeDrive Mobile Coaching ? Please contact us.

There are three standard training packages:

SafeDrive nano-learning contains twelve episodes. Themes of the episodes are selected based on collision statistics and practical knowledge. The themes of the training take into account seasonal characteristics of the twelve months. Nano-learning is collaborative, the same theme is a hot topic throughout the entire staff. New employees jump on and take part in the same discussions with others. SafeDrive nano-learning uses email to deliver the opening messages to participants.