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In Finland

We offer personal driving training tailored to your driving profile carried out in traffic and winter driving training carried out on Finland's best tracks.


We offer webinars and lectures. Weather conditions, laws, and traffic cultures vary from country to country, but human factors are equal all over the world. Studies have shown that 99% of car crashes are caused by human error. Our core is improving mindsets with positivity and facts. The mind leads to action and action leads to a result. 


 The Finnish way to drive safely and sustainably. The one-hour online webinar gives a new perspective and energizes your team meeting or safety day. We promise to give effective tips that you can use right away on your next trip.

Examples of our traffic safety services

Driving in Finland

Key points on how to drive in Finland safely and sustainably. Finnish winter weather, our environment & culture, and laws might differ from what you are used to. At Excelsior we have highly skilled coaches and superb customer service.

  • Finnish traffic culture
  • Topics of Finnish Road Traffic Act2020
  • Winter driving
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Dealing with road hazards

Implementation: Theory training on live or Teams

Duration: 2 hours

Personal Driving Training

Driving training is sharply tailored to your driving profile and needs.

  • Driver evaluation
  • Proactive driving
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Vehicle safety and driving ergonomics check
  • Sustainable driving

Implementation: In traffic, one-to-one

Duration: 2 hours

Winter Driving Course

Winter driving course in small groups gives you a better understanding and skills to survive on slippery roads and learn you to maneuver in road hazards.

  • Tips to not to get stuck on deep snow or slush
  • Proactive driving
  • Dealing with road hazards
  • Emergency braking
  • Avoidance techniques
  • Maintain traction on a slippery curve

Implementation: On training circuit

Duration: 5,5 hours (I h theory, lunch, 3 h circuit, 1 h road safety experience center)